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I am a Creative & Spiritual Guide for those seeking healing, self-expression and empowerment. Through healing modalities and artistic teachings, I help others tap into their intuition, deepest desires and purpose on this earth. The intention behind the work that I do is not to transform you into this new person, and instead help you remember who you already are.


I truly believe our personal stories are art in themselves and within our struggles and hardships lies abundant power. This is our access point to making an impact on this earth. When I began to share myself vulnerably with others it opened a pathway to much deeper connections. My mission now is to hold space for others and help them remember who they truly are by shedding the layers that mask their natural essence.


You are ready now to experience your full spectrum of love, light and expression. We all have a unique gift and message to share and I feel I am a catalyst for this beautiful discovery. The answers already are within you, but we all need a little help along the way. I would love to be that guide for you. 

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My Mentorship Programs

This March I am launching my one-on-one mentorship programs customed designed to ignite the fire within you. Using modalities for self-healing and artistic teachings that have helped me find light in the darkest times of my own life, I will guide you on a path of personal freedom, truth, and purpose.

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Upcoming Workshops & Programs


Join me on March 18th from 1- 4:30 pm at my home in Oakville for a super fun Intention Setting and Vision Board party where we will dive deep into discovering our heart's desires. I am passionate about sharing how this powerful process has helped me manifest abundance into my own life for many years.

Together you will:

  • Be guided through a Remarkable Day Visualization Exercise.

  • Work through an intention setting booklet where you will define and clarify your aspirations, reinforce them and keep you focused.

  • Create a beautiful vision board that captures the essence of your desired future through images, words, and symbols that will spark you into action!

You will walk away with:

  • A clear vision of your desired future.

  • A physical vision board to hang on your wall.

  • Powerful tools in making shit happen!

Things to Bring:

  • Cork Board & Push Pins.

  • Any Magazines you have at home.

  • Any personal photos you would like to use.

I will be providing you with:

  • Intention Setting Booklet.

  • Magazines and any Art Supplies needed.

  • Computer and printer if you want to print images for your board.

  • Delicious snacks and drinks.

Only 6 spots open!



Join me at my home in Oakville on March 25th from 1-4:30 pm for a workshop that will spark your creative gifts!

Experience a clearing meditation, self-inquiry work, followed by a guided step by step process to creating your own unique Watercolour Chakra painting. If you have ever wanted to express yourself through colours and acrylic painting, this is your opportunity to get playful and have fun with your fellow yogis.

Everyone is welcome whether you have experience or have never picked up a paint brush. You will leave this workshop with a newfound creative confidence, awareness around your own Chakras, and a finished piece of art! This will be perfect to hang on your wall or as a gift for a yogi you love!

Only 6 spots open! 


Our Integrated Self Community


Integrated Self is a community of self explorers we created in 2014. Our aim is to have ongoing, open and accessible events and workshops for self-explorers in the GTA. Attendees gather to gain new insights that contribute to their self awareness and transformation as well as enjoy an open space to connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Create your own event with us

Dynamic Duo

 Meet Oliver, he is my best friend and the love of my life! (along with our kitty Booka 🙂 )  He is also on a mission of guiding others into greatness through his Ontological Coaching practice. 


Our journey from being close friends to falling in love has been magical and we have been creating a passionate life together ever since! Separate, we are powerful leaders and together we are a Dynamic Duo. From our own rock bottoms to healing and re-invention we have been exploring our own personal growth for many years. And I thought why not bring our talents together and create impactful events!


Whether you would like Creative Projects, Yoga, Meditation or Personal Growth. We have it!


You can create a custom event that would be perfect for a ladies night in, a romantic night connecting with your partner or even a corporate event.


Blog and Shop coming soon!


Eagerly waiting to hear from you and determined to support your future.