Integrated Self Community

Integrated Self is a community of self explorers myself and Oliver created in 2014. Our aim is to have ongoing, open and accessible events and workshops for self-explorers in the GTA. Attendees gather to gain new insights that contribute to their self awareness and transformation as well as enjoy an open space to connect with other like-minded individuals.


From successful entrepreneurs to highly sought artists, speakers are selected based on a variety of monthly themes. Anyone can attend. Simply register as a member and you will be updated on upcoming events. Book it in your calendar and we look forward to connecting soon!


Currently we are reinventing our vision for this year and scoping out a new space where we can add in empowerment through physical and mental integration practices such as, meditation and yoga. We are looking for somewhere close to nature with lots of natural light and warm, open space.  If you have a great place to recommend please feel free to drop us a message.

Stay tuned for our next workshop this June! 

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