What People Have Said

I want to share my experience with Janet for anyone who is considering her wonderful services.


I came to Janet at the apex of my emotional and physical pain which I had carried since a traumatic accident almost 5 years ago. In this moment in time, I was falling apart - needing help but not having the tools to help myself anymore. Janet’s inviting and comforting essence made it an easy decision for me to let go of my current ways of coping, and open up to a new level of help and guidance. This was my first experience with alternative healing, and Reiki has proven to be a very sacred and valuable form of therapy that has helped me much more than any traditional avenues ever have.


Janet’s work is immense and deeply personal. Before our sessions begun, she invited me for a conversation over coffee to discuss what was going on in my life, and where I wanted to be. This allowed for an emotional connection to develop before the intimate relationship through the Reiki work started. During this conversation she connected my story with another client and friend of hers, which has resulted in a new lifelong friend who shares the same unique story as mine. There is something very special about Janet as a healer and guide, for her circle of support is incredibly powerful and inspiring. I believe this is part of the foundation for her beautiful spirit that never seems to falter.


My personal growth was a reflection of my commitment to the process, both from a time and emotional standpoint. I found myself looking forward more to connecting with Janet than I did the Reiki session itself, which has lead me to the realization that Janet is the vital part of this experience. She has helped me understand that the power comes from within ourselves when we open up to the Universe; she is simply the vessel in which the connection is made. It was quite apparent through my sessions how much work was done – each week I felt lighter and lighter, as all the grief flooded away. For the first time I finally got my life back.


Looking back today, I almost don’t recognize myself before I started working with Janet. It’s hard to describe in words, but I am a new person today. After my first session I jumped right in and opened up publicly about my trauma for the very first time, and received an enormous amount of love and support from my family and friends. This immediately helped relieve so much pain. I came to the realization during my first session that I needed to let go of the grief and be vulnerable to find the acceptance I was in such need of. Janet has been with me every step of the way, and has guided me towards other positive influences in my life to keep my spirit shining, now that I’ve found my new freedom and inner clarity.


Janet has also introduced me to yoga through 1 on 1 sessions to help me with breathing and form, ensuring that I get the most out of yoga practice in future. This is especially helpful in gaining confidence in something I’ve always been too afraid to try. There is something very nurturing about her company, and she is a natural teacher. Sometimes I fall out of pose with laughter because of how much joy I feel during our sessions together. The combination of her gifts has made the journey even more valuable.


If I could say anything about Janet – she’s such a beautiful and kind person inside and out. When I see her face, I feel her energy and compassion light up inside me too. Getting to know her better over the weeks, I’ve learned a lot about her own journey through self-healing and coping with trauma. She understands from a deeply personal level how much grief and pain can misalign your life, and has gone through all the motions to be the strong and empowered woman she is today. She will be a lifelong friend to me."


From a very fulfilled and happy client, 

Jennifer Prior
Guelph, Ontario